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Your Authentic French Almond Croissant pack Handcrafted in Kapiti 

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Convenient frozen ready to bake pack of 2 authentic French almond croissants made at our Kapiti patisserie by Chef Louis Sergeant and his team. Available at selected retailers, delis and supermarkets.

Truly special, genuinely authentic, made with love and ready to be baked in your very own kitchen. 25minutes at 150•c ... et voila

What is the difference between a cheap imitation of an almond croissant and the real deal you may ask?

Well there are a number of easy ways to recognise a cheap knock off. 

The croissant first is a pure butter croissant, dipped in a syrup. The filling is an almond cream, this means a substantial layer of almond cream with noble ingredients such as eggs and almond flour.

The topping is made of more almond cream and sprinkled with a generous amount of diced almonds.

What you won't find in an authentic almond croissant: 

Almond Essence, this is a flavour enhancer used to cut corner and give the fake impression the product contains almond. Almond essence is usually made of alcohol, water, glycerine and flavours. Do you want that in your almond croissant?

No filling, yes no kidding we have seen some sold in some places which just has a layer of almond on top. Well it's like a gin and tonic without the gin.

We could write many horror stories about poor attempt to lure customers with a lesser product and ruin the glorious reputation of an authentic almond croissant.

Not here!

Each of our almond croissant is handcrafted by our passionate French patissiers Louis, George and Edouard who are devoted to crafting the best almond croissant. 

As you take your first bite, delicate flakes cascade onto your lap like confetti, confirming the authenticity of our Almond Croissant followed by magic taste of our luscious almond filling. 

Cooking tip: this is a ready to bake product, the secret is to bake it for around 25 minutes at low heat around 150•c. The reason for that is that you want to cook the almond cream  thoroughly. If the filling is still liquid when you serve your almond croissant then it is not cooked through and needs to go back in the over for another 5mins or more.

Serving suggestion: We find it is best served luck warm and sprinkled with a little dusting sugar. Just a little! It's about the almond croissant not the sugar.

RETAIL FORMAT: Pack of 2 x 150g Almond Croissants frozen

FOOD SERVICE FORMAT: Carton of 18 x 150g Almond Croissants frozen
Ideal for bakery departments, delis, café, catering

To enquire about or product please drop us an email

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